Mil, Milordia. As u wish

Anonymous said: I recently purchased that floral kimono from f21 that you showed in your haul so I was wondering how you would wear it ? & your blog is my absolute fave ♡


Throw it over a Body con dress with tall combat boots or pair it with black bell bottoms, vintage band tee and distressed ankle boots. You can see how I personally style it here

Reality of XXI century


Studio Ghibli 1985-2013. THANK YOU.


The Shrine by Sigurd Larsen

Materials: local oak wood and a traditional eastern German brass lock type and keys

Woodwork by Christoph Kärgel
Photos by Georg Roske & Michael Schütze

The Shrine is a hub of drawers and doors accessible only with keys. Private items can safely be locked away in small spaces. For the very most personal items a secret room can be reached behind one of the drawers. The rooms have been scaled after typical accessories and gadgets. This way jewellery, makeup, records, headphones, an LP player, as well as private papers and your best whisky can inhabit the Shrine. It becomes your most private place in the house.

she makes something unreal

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